About Encore

Encore Clinical, Inc. represents a first-of-its-kind, large-scale effort that engages international leaders in clinical research to harness previously untapped resources toward a revolutionary acceleration of the global development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics.

With an initial focus on Oncology, the clinical arena most hindered by an inadequate availability of enrollees in Western clinical studies, Encore is taking strides to establish a new benchmark for clinical research that both ensures the most rigorous global quality standards yet dramatically reduces unacceptably long development timeframes. The Encore approach, by enabling multiple parallel development pathways for a single innovation, also reduces the currently high risk of overlooking successful applications of breakthrough technologies.

For the first time, essential clinical research know-how, expertise and infrastructure can be applied and immediately implemented in locations where vast resources have been beyond the reach of global development programs. This unique Encore capability depends on both a proven formula for extensible compliance with International Conference on Harmonisation Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP) combined with an established international collaborative network of thought-leaders at leading centers of clinical excellence. Extensive cross-training and exchange throughout all levels of institutional personnel is complimented by the unprecedented institutional integration of highly trained and supervised Encore clinical research professionals. The result is strictly ICH-GCP compliant clinical activities supported by documentation that meets all existing standards, including those of American and European regulatory bodies.

By creating a mechanism for channeling and focusing appropriate patient participation in medium- and large-scale investigations throughout its network of leading institutions in the United Sates, China and Eastern and Western Europe, Encore can double or triple the rate at which novel clinical strategies can be validated, in an international setting with representative populations that support worldwide regulatory approval processes.